Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Work on a new kit ...

Morning all ..."yawn"
came home from night shift not so long ago and will go to bed soon.But I thought I pop in first , have not written here for a while.
Work to build up a little stock of designs goes on , and I have started a new kit.
Well, I suppose you wanna see a little teaser, you go...
Yup, it's a Fantasy kit with dragons. I'm having fun playing with it in the moment. Apart from that I have various packs with Overlays, Frames and tube elements done.
On Full Moon night when it was the "Blue Moon " I tried to capture it with my little camera.I'm thinking about using this image as part of the new kit ...I have some ideas....

Apart from that I am torturing myself. Yeah, you read that right,lol. I'm beasting myself with a new Abs workout and it's showing some results already . I figured my arms and legs don't really need much improvement, but the middle section of my body does. So I'm targeting that specific area in the moment. The workout bench was getting too easy , I had to have a little more of a challenge to it. I actually put on a pound, but that's actually the muscle building up and the whole area is starting to look a little more toned. The herbal supplements for Pre  menopause related issues I'm taking are also showing some effects and I feel better and more full of energy . A comment Nat, my colleague, made was really nice to hear: "I can see you have lost some more weight, you look more slender and your skin has a nice healthy glow. "Now who doesn't like to hear compliments like that,lol? I'm not doing this for the purpose to look like some super model. Fact is , that baby belly and the stripes I earned are part of me and will never be gone. But being a more healthy weight and the exercise really make me feel better , and to tell the truth , I'm proud of being a young looking almost 45 year old. Nobody ever gets my age right when they guess :) This is a pic Shaun took a few days ago.

So there,lol.... a little bit of work and sweat , and looking after yourself pays off . And I don't even use anti wrinkle cream or any other expensive products which promise eternal youth (being quite frank, it's all a lot of bullshit anyway). It's just a case of the right balance reasonably healthy, get off your ass and move. I still eat cake and chocolate sometimes, I still smoke and have a drink on occasion ...I'm definitely no perfect angel sticking to a strict diet plan :) So if you want to make changes , get up and do it! It's possible ,I have done it and lost a lot of weight. You only need the willpower and really get off your ass. Don't expect it to happen in just a few weeks ... it takes time. I started almost 3 years ago , but by doing it slowly you avoid the Jojo effect of piling it all back on.And it's such a confidence boost as well ;) 
Anyway, It's bed time -  and the last freebie part of the kit on the weekend again.   Hugs -till then


Edna B said...

Can you package a little of that will power and "stick to it ness"? You could make a fortune. I'd be your first customer! It looks good on you. Actually, 45 was a real good age. My kids were all grown, I had gone back to college and got my degree, and I owned my own business. Life is good in your 40's. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.

smiekeltje said...

You are looking great, and I admire your willpower. But it is a bit easier when you see real result, that's true too.
Looking forward to the weekend, it should be great weather. Jan will be working evening shifts, so may be we can take a short outing at daytime, although we better wait till Monday, then he has his day off. Hmmm, I think that will be again blackberrie day, but that's nice, because we will have a nice walk through the dunes again and I ove that.
Your new kit looks to become a great one. And your moon photo is wonderful too, love that blue in the black.
Busy myself too with a new kit, LOL, what's new?. But the first papers turned out great, cannot wait to get on with it.
How's Reggie? Still the "Lone Ranger "look( the one"I am having fun, but will not smile? ) ROFL>
Give him my greets.
Hug for you