Saturday, September 08, 2012

The last part of Summer BBQ freebie and upcycle old jeans

Good morning peeps ;)
Well, I don't have much to show this morning....I have worked some overtime and been terribly busy in this flat. The nights and early mornings here have been a bit cool, at times only 48 degrees -so it was time to get some warmer clothing out of my storage bags. It will be a case of t-shirt during the day, but taking something warmer in my saddle bag for on the way home at night or in the early morning. Even my fingers were cold when I came home from night shift. Of cause with cycling you have the added wind chill factor to deal with as well. So I will definitely take a thin pair of gloves if it gets like that again.
Of cause I used the opportunity to sort through and sort out what I don't wear or what doesn't fit anymore.
I have cleared 3/4 of one of my book shelves and sold the books , a few on Amazon Marketplace, but the majority to the Second Hand Book Lady on our market. I have a lot more to go still.
Then I have signed up to Netflix. They have quite good movies and even series for a low monthly fee. I saw it the first time at Reggie's and thought I sign up as well as they really offer quite a good choice.So I'm looking forward to some relaxing movie evenings. The good thing is I can just hook up the laptop to my TV in the bedroom and be really comfortable chilling out on the bed .... lol, it's the small luxuries that sometimes count the most :)

Craft and Fashion tip: Got an old pair of jeans that maybe even has some holes in it? Don't just throw them away! I have a pair I bought with the designer holes, but wearing, washing and Reggie poking his fingers through the holes made them larger and larger. They are my favourite pair and I didn't just want to throw them out. Solution: I had an old pair of lace knickers (you could take any lace though, or other fabric you like) I cut them so the pieces fit behind the holes and stitched them on from the inside. Result - sexy black lace and denim .Sorry, Reggie more poking fingers through the holes,lol.
With Autumn and pumpkin time coming I thought I share this recipe with you. Really worth making -it's so yummie ! Pumpkin and Cinnamon Cheesecake - it was gone within a short time . Shaun really took a shine to this,lol.

But it's time for the freebie now-the last part
Enjoy, and I will prepare a new freebie again for next weekend
Hugs Snowy 


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 6 post on Sep. 08, 2012. Thanks again.

smiekeltje said...

First thanks for your mail, quite a letter LOL!
It's so good to hear you have your life back on track again, you feel happy, have fun in a lot of things again. Keep it that way!

Yes, definately we have the weather now for tricky clothes choices. In daytime a bit of summerwear, but in the evening temps drop seriously and you need a sweater and such.Oh well, can't say I grieve about it.
You jeans look almost like "designer jeans"Good idea!

Have a wonderful day!

Edna B said...

Good idea for the jeans, although not for my age group. Your cheesecake looks quite yummy. I'll have to check it out. I enjoyed the email, will send you one soon. Meanwhile, it's good that you're in a happy state. Your reggie sounds really nice. Have a great night (I'm at work), hugs, Edna B.