Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Freebie

Good morning,'s getting damn fresh in the mornings here. Certainly wakes me up when I come of night shift and have to cycle home. Almost time to get the gloves out, my fingers are starting to get cold so early in the morning and at night. Autumn is certainly on it's way, the first leaves are already changing colour.
So I thought it's time for some Fall decorations and put the summer ones away.
Here is an inexpensive way to do it....all you need is a few frames from the Dollar/Pound Store, a printer and images you like.Or even better, make your own.
Here are some I found and printed on canvas photo paper.

 And I printed some leaves on simple paper , cut them out and stuck them to my wall.You could do a lot more and make a garland with them , if you wanted to.

I carried on a little with the last kit I worked on. I used the pic I took of the full moon as a background paper and made this QP.
But now to the freebies...I have several kits prepared to go up here. 2 Autumn/Mabon kits and I'm just busy wrapping up the first Halloween kit as well. So I'm sorted for the rest of the month and next.
But today I republish a freebie which was only available in out forum a few years ago. So I'm sure not all of you will have this. It used to be a big collab kit, but this is only my part. Here is "September Song " mini kit
Enjoy !
I'm sick and tired of this blog layout. And speaking to Natalie yesterday , one of Reggie's friends I'm getting to know via Facebook,I see that I really should make some changes to this blog.I need a complete new template, I think. One where the writing space is larger or can be modified. Maybe I make that my project for my next days off.
On the bright side , I came in to work last night and Nat, who doesn't see me that often ,said "Have you lost more weight again? You look slimmer" ...well, now that's what I like to hear,lol. Seems that the Torture workout it's doing it's job.Plus I have been a very good girl and have not touched chocolate for a while.....So maybe I have to treat myself to a dark Chocolate Kit kat as reward. :) 
Another night to do , and then overtime on Monday. That means a day less off, but a little bit more pocket money in my purse. For now it's sleep time , my bed is calling me . So have a nice weekend and till next time.
Hugs Snowy


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 7 post on Sep. 15, 2012. Thanks again.

smiekeltje said...

Oh yes, do change your bloglayout LOL. It's nice, but it bit tooo dark. I am sure you can change the size of your writing space in Blogger, but I don;t know how. What great help I am!
So true that Autumn is coming real close now, although in general it's still not too bad weather.
Well, cat Dikkie Dik seems to do a tiny little bit better, but there is still a long way to go. First we will finish his anti biotics cure and then see in a few days what it brings.
Oh, I am soooo pissed off. Jan came home yesterday rather early from his evening shift, so I said that to him. Answer: I couldn;t finish my round because when I was with a client and came at the street again my bike was stolen!!!
What miserable type or types can steal a bike in front of a house, locked, in a rather good neighbourhood?
So he came home walking( and it was a loong walk). I was so real sorry for him!
So tomorrow he has to go on search for another bike, I hope he can find a good second hand, for not too much money, because Thirsday he has shifts again and his bike is necessary of course. No bike, no work!
Damn, all was going rather well and now this again.!
Good I still have a little extra money put away(the one from the tax office,) but it sure is cutting in our monthly money.
Well, let's stay optimistic, hope he finds a good bike and can stay working.
You have a wonderful Sunday!
Till next time,

Edna B said...

I like your little frames and leaves. Great idea! I like your blog background. It's a bit dark, but still quite nice. A bit lighter might be nice too. Pogo and I will be trying out some herbal ideas this week for getting rid of the fleas. I just have to get out and buy the stuff that I need. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.