Sunday, November 25, 2012

New freebie again

Hi all and good morning,
Finally checking in again with another freebie after one hell of a week. First my bathroom light went and the whole fixture came out the ceiling, then my sink ,which had a small crack had to be replaced as well. So we had the Electrician and a Plumber around to fix things. Then my camera died a death -OH NO !!! I will need to get a new one before I fly across to spend time with Reggie again.
Slowly the pictures were degrading with stripes on it a pic of Sam on the soft and warm cushion I made myself for the cats using a fleece blanket and filling from an old quilt.
It got even worse -So no more pics with this until I have a new one.
I have been working on more designs as well and made some layouts as well.

And I always wanted to make a silhouette from a photo....guess who,lol....
I will not be putting a Christmas tree up this year as I won't be home. But I will place some other seasonal decorations during my days off work.
All my Travel documents, tickets, Insurance etc are ready .I just need to pack and go !!!
But now the first Christmas freebie parts. This is from 2010 - the small part was a freebie for "Christmas around the world" , but as usual I couldn't stop and made a lot more. These 3 additional parts have never been published free before.
This my version of Christmas around the World :)
2 parts today and 2 next week. The first is the original freebie part- so you might have got it from the "Christmas around the world" blog in 2010.. and as I said the other parts are the unpublished stuff

Enjoy , and till next post again :)
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Know exactly how you feel, when all that breaking down happened LOL!
Ghee, starting in your bathroom and ending with your camera. Not nice at all!!!
Glad it all is fixed, at least the bathroom part, only very unconvenient your camera has given up now. But of course you should get another one for your trip. Only thing that is a damned nuisance is that it will cost you money, that you better had with you on your trip. Those things always come at the wrong time, aren;t they?
Hope you will find a good camera for not too much money.
You Sam is looking adorable, by the way!
Let's hope nothing else will break down in the weeks before your departure!

Mats World said...

Isn't that the way it always happens, it just takes one thing to start it snowballing...LOL! I do have the first part of this kit and I thank you for the rest of it, very pretty. Thanx for sharing it especially when you are so very busy! have a great trip! Hugs, Mat