Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Vintage Halloween for Beautiful Autumn

Hi again
oh damn, I slept longer than I wanted to ! Last night Reggie said to call him in the morning before he heads off to work, so I stayed up a little while after I finished my night shift , skyped him this morning and then went to sleep when he headed off to work. When I woke up and looked at the time it was already 4.30 pm,lol.
Guess that was my bodies way of telling me it needed the rest.
Well ,I am having a lazy day with plenty of coffee .... I played with my friends on Wartune a bit, then opened my design program and made a few more pieces for the kit.
So now I have two more downloads for you. And after posting this it's time to make something to eat, because my stomach is growling and telling me it wants to be fed.
I only have a couple of hours until Reggie will be home from his 10 hour shift , and then we'll hook up on Skype again while we play our online game a bit more.
So here are the new pieces for today....
as always
Spiderweb (png)


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smiekeltje said...

Hahaha, a long sleep! Yeah, we all are getting a bit older and then the body needs some more time to rest and reload. They often say older people don;t sleep as much, but I don;t believe it. It sure isn;t fitting me. Okay, I wake up a bit more, sometimes, during the night, but then I often feel I need a little nap during the day.
It's nice to have a good sleep, but I don;t like it to wake up too late, it feels as if I have not enough time left during the day. It ruins a bit my schedule LOL.
How did you do in your play? Hopefully you are on the winning side ROFL.
Some work to be done today again, so not all too much time to spend at the computer.