Friday, September 06, 2013

..."sulks" ....I've been told off ,lol

Oh dear, just come back to my blog and have promptly been told off severely by Kyra for disappearing such a long time,lol. She writes among other things :
Oh, you are alive still LOL! I was wondering what happened to you! Don;t you ever leave for such a long time from the internet, you hear!
Oh, you've made my day today! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw in my bloglist that you had pasted again on your blog LOL.
You are okay and doing well, that is the most important thing.
Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.

"Hangs head in shame" ... yeah, it's was a long time, but I had neither the time nor the inspiration to design anything. 
I spend every free minute I can with Reggie online as we can't be together in person and work commitments take a lot of our time away.
He and Shaun come first in my life.
But here a few more pics of what I have been up to.Roses always make great photo objects :) And these were just too cute .

Now something to make you chuckle. This was Reggie's idea. I got this Wall Decal on my last visit when we were browsing through Michael's . I planned on giving my bathroom a new look and when we saw this and Reg came out with the idea , I just knew I had to do it.I made a canvas sign to hang above the toilet ....notice the Febreze Air freshener is strategically placed by the sign above the toilet,lol..... we don't want any business to take your breath away, hehehehe....

Anyway, I have a tag freebie to go with the growing kit I work on.Png format , to either use for digi srap or to print out.

Till next time
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

WHOOO, hoho, you make me sound like aan angry bull terrier or doberman, that told you off LOL!
I really was a bit worried and just hoped you were doing okay, you never left my mind for long, that is the truth dear.
I know you have busy times, and there are other things to do than blog or whatever, just be so nice to let know at the least two times a year(I am a kind person ROFL) how you are doing, it can be on the blog, or by a short email,.
We have spet some years together via the net, and you have a little part of my heart, so you cannot disappear just like that anymore.
I really was reliefed whan I saw your post.
That's all, I am not really cross with you, it was just the not knowing that bothered me.
Really strategic placing of the air freshener GRIN GRIN!
Glad you have kept your special homor!