Friday, September 13, 2013

Beautiful Autumn-first Thanksgiving pieces

Good morning again,
putting up a few pieces for the kit before I get busy here and do some grocery shopping.
It's Friday so Reggie will finish work earlier today.Well they usually do, unless they have still lots to do.

Did you watch X-factor ? Hell ,I will keep up and watch how this girl is doing.I hope she will win , she is just amazing !

Then I signed up for a workshop !
Heat up your Holidays !
A Burlesque Workshop at Wendy's Dance Studio in Concord/NC.
I will take part together with Nita. This will be so much fun,lol

Anyway-here is the new stuff :)
Till next post : )

1 comment:

smiekeltje said...

Wonder what kind of workshop that will be LOL!
No I didn;t see the EWnglish version of X factor.
But it is amazing how many real talents appear in those shows like X factor or The Voice!
Lots of them are just very good but there sometimes appear one or two extra-ordinary ones.
Have a great weekend, greets to Shaun and Reggie.