Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another day with downloads

Good morning again, often gets in the way of things, so I only have 2 more pieces to give away in the moment.I'm not sure how much time I will have tomorrow as I also have meeting to attend before my regular shift starts.So it will be a 10 hour work day for me. Add onto that , that I will have double traveling time because I have to go in the afternoon , then home and then back to work again.So I might need a couple of days to design more and add to the stash of the Autumn kit.

But here is the first change to box I am also working on. First step of  redecorating is a good wallpaper. So I had to cover it in some gorgeous scrapbook paper.
It's standing here now and waiting for the glue and paper to dry, and I will carry on adding to it tomorrow.

Kyra , your comment made me laugh , yes, one of me is enough as well,lol.

Creating is part of my "relaxing time" , we often have so much stress and are so busy, you have to find something to do that you enjoy and keeps you sane far as sane goes ...uhmmm, yeah.... I better not go too much into that ...:)

But even behind this , my influence is Reggie.I have a lot of Tarot cards , candles and other things stuffed into 3 ugly boxes. I won't be able to take it all when the time comes. But I can sort out my favorites from those 3 boxes , store them in this smaller pretty box and take it in my suitcase. So in a way, you could say this will be my traveling/moving box.

Anyway....I have to get ready for work again, time goes far to quick in this case.
Here are today's downloads
Watercolor paper
Tag /card
...and I really like 4shared better than mediafire, faster uploads and less hassle ! Mediafire wouldn't work for me yet again.
Till next post.... not 100 % sure when I can create more, but I only have 2 more shifts to do before I have a little time off again.
Hugs Snow


smiekeltje said...

Lovely coverage of the box, great papers!
Annoying that you hv=ave your shift in two parts. When at work, you better can do it in one period.
Good you will have soon some days off, you can do some more of the relaxing stuff LOL.
Strange that you have so much trouble with Mediafire.
Oh well, it sometimes happens and suddenly works again as it should, completely incomprehensible.

Edna B said...

Your box came out beautiful. I've been going through things too, trying to get rid of a lot of stuff. It's sad in a way to have to say goodbye to some of our things that have brought us so much comfort, but change can be good too. Your workshop sounds interesting. Hope you have fun with it. I'll be going home from work soon, so you have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B>