Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DYI Girl is busy again

Hi all ,
not much to show but as you probably noticed I just changed the background here. Apart from that its been 2 days of  giving my tiles a good make over.We've been living here 13 years now and the grout which used to be white had turned into a light brown colour. The silicone sealing along the sink and bath was coming loose ,so it was time to get something done. No amount of bleach or scrubbing was able to restore the look of it. So out with the old silicone and a grout make over. When I started pulling out the old silicone it came to light what was underneath... black horrid stuff ! So once it was all removed a good clean, letting it dry and then filling in the new sealing.
What a difference it makes,lol- all looking a lot brighter !

I would really like a new kitchen, but as this is rented they are not making any changes unless its damaged , and being a good girl I have always treated everything well.
Well, all this DIY stuff has ruined my nails so today is treat time ! I'm having a manicure and at 3 pm an appointment for Reiki treatment.
Seems somebody has gone sick at work, I just received a call asking if I can come in -sorry, but no ! I have planned this long awaited time off to have appointments during this week and get some work done in here. So this time I am not going in.Extra money is nice , but I can't always rush in and have to take care of things here as well.
on that note I'm off ,so till next post .
Hugs Snowy

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