Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last day again...

...and back to work tomorrow. Good morning ,all :)
Work on this blog goes on , even if you can't see much in the moment. I have deleted old posts-including the freebies ,I'm afraid- but they will go back up on the special page for them. For now there is only one year of posts left on this blog.
Lol, last year on this day I was busy packing my suitcase for my trip across , time seems to be flying by, it seems like yesterday.
There isn't much to show in the moment ,I'm afraid.But I have been busy with a Deco Patch project. What is Deco Patch? You cut or tear special paper , or you can use paper napkins , into small pieces or shapes. Then they get glued on with special glue like Mod Podge (I make my own , its quite costly if you buy it) and you get a mosaic stile patchwork effect on the object you are working on. It takes quite some time as the glue has to dry several hours before you can do the other side or where your fingers are holding it. I just glued the last pieces into place , but this is what it looked like last night -work in progress.
I will show more of the progress as I go along , but for now its waiting for the patches to dry again. -on occasions I use a hairdryer o speed it up,lol.
I windy and raining outside but I have to go out this morning.Brrrr... no point doing my hair -too windy for an umbrella , I'm gonna get wet...ah well....
My disaster kid of a son managed to get a dart into his wrist last night . How do they do it? His mate is exactly the same! So this morning he was complaining about his wrist hurt-I'm not surprised with the nice puncture in it !
Anyway, I'm off for now, breakfast and then get ready and out -till next post
Hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

You've been quite busy! I have a little "painting" that one of my daughters made for me when she was about 7 years old. She made it the same way you are making your hodge podge project. I framed her painting (made from pieces of tissue paper in different colors. I'm so glad I did because she died a few years ago.

Your new pants look great on you. If I were slimmer I'd wear them too. Try tieing your hair up with a ribbon and a few pins and cover it with a hat to keep it dry on your way to work. Or, braids are always good on a rainy or windy day. When I was young, we used to call braids "pig tails".

You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

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