Sunday, October 23, 2011

Staying creative

Hi, I'm off on anther rota break and have time to check in again. What have I been up to the past days? Apart from working, shopping and a little bit of crafting not much. I started another Dreamcatcher and worked on a Quote Book. Not digital - tradional scrapbooking style for this. I also completed some more Christmas presents, which I can't show for obvious reasons,lol.
And I finally tried to alter photos giving it the HDR effect. Al Ward will soon post a tutorial on his site for it , but I didn't want to wait until its up and did my own little bits after asking and some research. I have to say, the colours really get vibrant this way !
This was my second try which turned out a lot better than the first one. The original...
and the HDR version
And I took some pics of the book I am working on, not even half way finished yet. The front cover....and when it opens.

The first pages

This contains some of my favourite quotes, a shame the small writing isn't readable on the photos.
In the moment I am watching football. The Pats are on bye this week, but I watched the game which took place in London and now another one.
Oh , and I bought myself a pair of leather look PU trousers. Lol, who says almost 44 is too old for Leather pants? They are great and very comfortable ! Very practical on my bike as they don't let the cold wind through. Temperatures here went down to -2/ 28 degrees a couple of nights ago. So you can imagine I had to wrap up warm.
And Shaun had some fun looking at faster motor bikes-he really is a petrol head !
I have even started to wrap up the first little presents , unlike last year when I was not only in state of shock after what happened and simply couldn't afford much I have started early enough this year. So end of November I can actually mail out the first little packets and Christmas cards. But that's all again for now -hope you're all having a great weekend.
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Sorry I didn't make it to MSN the last time. Hope you got the message I left on it.
My back is much better now, I am still carefull, not to strain it too much yet.
I also say, why not a leather(look) pair of trousers? You're right to wear one. I love my leather trousers, but it's practically almost to it's end now. May be I can find one, or in leather look, it's so great in wearing.
Hope to get some packages out this year for Christmas. Cannot afford too much this year, hte most of the money goes into sending it by the post LOL.
You're quote book looks great. It's been a long time since I did some paper scrapping.
Have a great day