Monday, October 10, 2011

Time off...yeah :)

Good morning ,
-well, this is my second day off. Yesterday , on my first day I was just lazy ,chilling out watching the Football ,chatting with friends and crafting while watching the games. There were some good ones ! The Saints won, La Nita is happy that the Steelers won, I switched over to the Raiders and actually got stuck on that game. They were playing that well that I even missed the first minutes of the Pats game,lol.
On Saturday night Shaun had his first little accident with the motorbike on a slippery road. The back wheel  slipped and he had a fall. He was battered and bruised , but more worried about his bike than himself. The bike had a little damage and the engine wouldn't start. So yesterday after he came from work the boys were busy fixing the damage -success ! The second pic was taken through my kitchen window after hearing the engine come to life again.
The result of my crafting time during the football is another dream catcher.
Plan for today is to get ready now and get outside. Its windy but the sun is shining. I will get my hiking boots on , pack my rucksack with a snack and drink , take my camera and  go for a walk ....oh, I'll take some bread and peanuts ...those cute squirrels and seagulls will like that. Later on I want to give my kitchen tiles a good clean and make-over. They are 13 years old and the grout in between which used to be white is now a light brown colour. No matter how much I scrub or used bleach its not getting much lighter anymore. So I got a " Grout whitening pen" ....after cleaning you just draw over and it coats the lines with a nice fresh white colour. Also the wall above the cooker has some fat stains on which won't come off. But no worries , I have paint left over and will just apply a quick coat to that area to freshen it up again.
In case you wondered about the chat box disappearing, the spammers were annoying me , so I decided to remove it. And my new header is up , plus some pages renamed and new ones. The work will continue slowly,lol. Now I say until next post and have a great day -hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

It couldn't stay out, that Shaun one day should have an accident LOL.
Glad it wasn't too bad.
Ha, kitchen cleaning is sometimes a pain! We have here a stuff in a bottle called "Dasty"and it's wonderful stuff to get grease of things! And it's even cheap. Don't know what are the components, but who minds? It's works great!
Have fun freshening up your kitchen LOL and surely have fun on your walk. Wind here too is blowing rather fierce, and not much sun at the moment, Still have to out, so perhaps a little brick in the pocket of my coat will be safer ROFL!!!!
Have a great day.