Friday, January 06, 2012

Project 365 layouts

Hi , first of all- thank you for the birthday wishes you left for me
I was working that day, so there's really not much to tell. Although one of my birthday present just fits me to the ground,lol. Rebel ! 
Kyra, thank you so much for your card and present as well. She sent me a cute little Birthstone Fairy.I also received a gift from Pixie- one of the books by Doreen Virtue I am collecting.
Plus Nikki is sending something all the way from MA, and Daniel is surprising me with a very special treat.
This little Witch is getting a  medicine bag for protection and handcrafted choker ...whoohoooooo! How sweet is that? Just gotta love all my friends :) We had a few stormy days here with winds up 105mph in some parts of the UK.But my new furry hat is keeping me warm .
So far I'm keeping to my "layout a day" challenge. So here are some more I made.

More to come - I'm catching up with some work in here today, plus I have another chapter and assignment to complete. Visions are getting better and more regular, plus the clairvoyant ability is slowly getting clearer...but it's only the beginning....lots more work to do to strengthen this ability-which means meditation, connect with the guides and get advice if I'm unsure.For now I say "Have a fantastic weekend" and I'll be back.-and if you like belly dance check out the new song and video by Kai Altair at the top of the page :)
Hugs, Love and Light

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smiekeltje said...

Hi furry hat!!! LOL.
Glad you liked the fairy. That's what I meant when I said we both were at the same line of idea, You sent me a little fairy for Christmas, and I in return one for your birthday! And we both did have some chocolat too! How weird is that?
Oh, you must take a picture of the medicine bag and choker Daniel is sending you! What a lovely present.
Stay well, have a great weekend,