Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm still there,lol....

.....but it seems ages since I blogged last time. The reason for this is that I have been kept busy ... I'm getting to know an amazing guy.
We have been talking from the time he got up in the mornings, while on vacation, until bedtime. He stayed up when I was working night shifts until I was safely home.We spend hours on the phone talking  and I think he's got a cute, sexy accent (he denies that and says I have ,lol) So yeah....Snowy is very happy ! The only thing better will be to meet up in person when I fly across to to the USA. .....And before you think "that was quick , what is she rushing into?" no....we have been chatting on and off for a long time, in fact I just checked- 4902 messages since August last year when I first sent him a friend request! lol... that's a lot .... I have always liked him, but what really set us off was his Valentines present to me ,I think .....when he sent me a song he wrote himself. Needless to say his song is often played on my stereo and on my phone. Apart from his normal job he's an artist like myself,so we can relate to each other in that regard as well. So there, I love this guy and my travel destination will be North Carolina to meet my handsome Texas guy.
Bonus to going there, I will be meeting Ivy aka Morgana and Morien akak Jussi , LaNita and most likely Deb coming as well.Going to the Renaissance Fair seems already on the plan.
Just got a message that he's arrived at work " Just walked in the door at work. love you too honey. have a great day." ...nothing better than a bit of Reggie and coffee in the morning ! So there you go, now you know why I didn't have time to write earlier. He is my priority apart from Shaun and the connection between us is getting stronger every day.
I'm smiling right from when I get up and still when we say good night and go to bed. Yeah ,I know .... pathetic,-but at least I'm not the only one,lol.
Here is a layout I made a few days ago....
...and one I made this morning
I will get another freebie up as soon as I find the time,lol.... until then ...
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

I already wondered what was going on with you, but now I know LOL!
It is soooo good to read your blogpost and feeling you are a happy girl!
Well, let us see what comes from it, but at least you have a VERY good friend at the moment, and it will be great for you to meet him in person.
He must be a romantic soul, and nothing is wrong with that, and whooooo, a song written by him for you, now that's what I call romantic LOL!
I am happy for you, of course, good to have a real good friend and who knows what it will end up with??
As long as he makes you feel happy I like him, hahahahaha.
Have a great weekend, give an update from time to time, would be nice.
Lots of hugs

Edna B said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you, and I hope it all works out the way you want it to. He sounds like a nice person. Talented too! I agree, it' quite romantic to have a song written just for you. I was beginningto think you gave up blogging. Keep us posted. Have a great day, hugs,
Edna B.