Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Livingroom finally done !

Hi all,
I have been busy to carry on decorating the Living room, and apart from painting skirting boards and door frame I have managed to get it all done in between night shifts, sleeping and talking to my guy. Here are the results.

 I definitely need to sort out all the cables in this corner !
And sort through the books , they are building up again ....Amazon market place it will be again. I've been sorting through the kits on my external drive today and I think I found the one which I will upload tomorrow.Nope-not telling yet. On Thursday I'm planning to fire up Poser , load some new stuff into the program and give it a go and see if I can get back into it. I will most likely chat with Reggie after he comes home from work, but he goes to darts later on, so that will be the perfect time. During the day I will have to catch up on some work in here, and if the weather is nice I also want to catch some fresh air.
I made another layout this morning with a mixture of my several of my kits and definitely like the result.
Yeah, all right -I'm going all mushy again ...but he likes mushy, so out come the romantic quotes again,lol
Oh yes, and Reggie got his dream catcher yesterday and loved it. This the one I made for him. He promised to take a pic of it hanging up, so I will show that when I get it.

And that's me off for now, need to start getting ready for work again.
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

What an energy to do the living room again! It looks real great, nice and fresh and light. Great job!
The dreamcatcher you've made for Reggie is absolutely beautiful.
Oh my, what some romantic feelings for a guy can do to you? Well, it's giving you a boost, that's for certain, grin grin!
Hope weather is nice enough to you to go our for a moment, I'll do the same today, even if there is no sunshine at the moment.