Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a quick check in again...

...and to tell you what I'm up to. Good news.... I will slowly get back to designing again. How comes? Long story,lol. It starts with my amazing boyfriend Reggie who has started working on a music project with old band mates.So in teamwork with the others he will be writing music again. Needless to say I'm his biggest fan .....and as they go along and make progress I will let his music inspire me to design a cover for them. I need to practise!
Apart from that I couldn't be happier , this amazing guy completes me and I'm proud of him....last night he won the darts tournament (I knew he would) and the price. He stays awake for me just to know I arrive home safely and we have a fantastic connection... I can trust and rely on him 100%. I couldn't wish for a better man in my life. And yes, I will be flying over to him this year. Snowy is finally happy again. I'm on 12 hour long night shifts in the moment....overtime, every little counts.
I made a Facebook page cover with his pic, but also a layout with the same design. He loved what I did , so I decided to show it here.
 Now 3 more shifts and I'm off again...oh by the way, I fancied a colour change in my living room... Snowy in DIY mod again. The wallpaper was still wet at this stage, more when I have managed to finish everything and clean up.
And my man wanted to see some pics .... response:  oh daddy likes! lol
So glad he approves....this was taken in the middle of DIY and mess.
 And now I'm going .... Wednesday I will get the freebie ready for you, so hop over again then. Catch you all later.
Hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

So nice to see you so happy again. I like the new colors better. They reflect a happier you. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.