Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sweetheart kit released again

Hi again,
well, we had snow here for the past days. That evening when I looked out of the window it was like a blizzard out there,lol.
3 days on and there is still some left.  I admit I landed on my ass while I was outside the other day and came home rather cold and wet. (someone had to tease me after saying that with the comment "You're supposed to be hot and wet, not cold and wet"....needless to say I was in bits laughing...you really have to watch what you say with certain people,lol)
Superbowl...yeah...uhmmm... it was a good game and right until the last minutes it all went well.... then the fatal Giant touchdown and the dream was over ! Gronk wasn't at his best and several missed passes the last minute didn't help. We were all gutted that the Giants won. I know it's only a game...but so sad :(  We had a feast of Buffalo Chicken and a few drinks and snacks , and comfy settled on the couch with laptop and chat to watch the game.
Last night I got busy and started to make candles. For this batch I chose red,orange and yellow colours, so I can use them for the upcoming Ostara and Beltaine Sabbats.
Plus I added a fresh and fruity citrus fragrance. They smell yummy ! Here they are....fresh out of the fridge,lol....where I put them to cool down a bit faster.
I have been amiss wit posting my 365 layouts, even though I have been doing one each day, so here are a few more with a Love/Valentine theme....kits used for these are Renew and  Art Journey

And last-the Sweetheart freebie is on the freebie page. This was a forum only kit and a collab.... but it was so huge that my part alone is a full kit. So go and grab it !

Well have fun. I will be on night shift later , so the next couple of days I will be nocturnal again. Until next post ..Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Till now I stayed onto my feet when I was outside,LOL, but on some spots it's tricky to walk! Glad I can stay in today.
Your candles look great!