Saturday, March 10, 2012

...and the last part of "Spring Celebration... up now ! Good morning peeps :)
I just uploaded the last part and it's up for grabs now.
Lol, just saw the comment Edna left on my last post. Guess I should have made a bit clearer that it's summer boots, the jeans are are full of designer holes to let air through and really thin, plus I have short Bermuda style jeans, and the leggings are also short ones which go just above the knee-all summer wear. I'm not going to be too hot.
I made another layout with one of Reggie's pics.
And I'm busy creating new memories with my handsome man. Guess I can't hide how much he means to me,lol. I love him and it's mutual ...a sad case of the "love bug" .
That's all for now, I will go to bed in a little while to catch some beauty sleep -time for night shift recovery.The weather is gorgeous , almost a shame to go to bed , but I hope it will stay like this for the time I'm off work. Till next post and hopefully more to show...
Hugs Snowy

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