Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is definitely here !

Hi again,
after last weeks heavy rain and me getting constantly soaked this week is so much better ! The temperature has slightly gone up, in the moment it's 59 degrees and sunny. And the spring flowers have started to bloom. How lovely does this look?

Next will be the Bluebells. Reggie told me the Mountain Laurel where he lives is blooming as well.
It's a beautiful day here, starting with Reggie on web cam as soon as he woke up ( we chat every morning before he even heads to work), baking bread and a cake (the smell from the kitchen was yummie!) catching a bit of fresh air and sun, and in between more messages from my beloved,lol. Can't wait till 9pm tonight when he's home after a long 10 hour day at work again.
Inspiration for designing is slow but I did another layout with our pictures on as new Profile pic for the Facebook page we have together. The Raven and the Owl,lol
90 days now....yes, I'm still counting. And as soon as I'm back I will have to save for the next flight in December. If the weather will permit it we will be heading to Florida in January to visit Deb and Rob in Oldsmar.So I hope the roads will be clear and free of snow.It's an 8-10 hour drive I was told.
Tonight it's tournament night for Reggie again-meaning while he is away I will start up the program and see if I have the inspiration for some more designing again. And I will prepare another freebie soon. But for now I'm off...pooof
Hugs Snowy

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