Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Planning and scheming :)

Hi all,
98 days until I fly and we're planning and scheming.
Next pay day I'm buying the flight tickets, I will also need a new ESTA, the travel authorisation for the USA.
Reggie sent me a few pics of the Area we are going to visit, Nature trails through the woods along the river. This area reminds me a lot of  where I grew up in Germany.

 Also planned is a visit to "Top of the Hill".... hey, they do Blueberry beer,lol. I was told alcohol content is 7-8% ...holy shit ! Guinness has only 4.1% , that means for light weight like me I really cannot drink more than 2 pints , otherwise Reggie will have to carry me back to the car,lol.And I'm not planning on getting drunk, I just want to try them- guess they don't do the different beers in kids size ,hey?

I scrapped this one new layout with pics Reggie sent me.... this says it all. Music is pretty much his life.
That's all for today again, I will prepare another freebie soon -till then
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

What a great nature it is there! Well, don't carry too much with you during the walks, but do take a camera!!
Oh my God, a beer of about 7-8%. That's pretty heavy! But.... I know in Belgium they have some beers of even 10-12%.
Better not drink too much of that heavy stuff when you go for a nature trail walk LOL!
Are there growing slowly little butterfiles in your stomach???? Hahahaha, just teasing.
Have a great day

Edna B said...

The photos are great. North Carolina is a pretty state. YOu'll have a wonderful time in the State Park. You'll need to carry extra batteries and extra media cards with you for your camera. Have a fun day, hugs, Edna B.