Friday, March 09, 2012

More parts of Spring Celebration Freebie

Hi all,
just a quick one to let you know there are more parts of the Spring Celebration kit up on the the Freebie page now -8 parts so far , with just another one left to come soon.
I have not found anytime to design more yet , but only one more night to do and then I will be off again and hope to carry on a little bit. But my amazing guy gave me some pics last night and said "play with them" ...and so I did,lol. Here is the first one I did this morning after coming from work. I'm trying to use the scheme and colours for this series of pictures.That's my guy in the left of the picture.
 Lol ,Kyra wrote : "Is it going to happen? You, flying again to the States? Yeah, it looks like it LOL! And you don't have to wait too long for it!
Glad Reggie is better again!
Not great to worry about someone so far away, not being able to do something, hey?
Now it's time to think what to pack for your vacation, yeah, 105 days are gone sooner than you realise!"
Yes, it is happening ! 102 days now in fact. Will be buying the flight tickets next pay day.
And that's not all- I will be in North Carolina with Reggie for Christmas /New Year and my Birthday as well !
When he heard I had been working every Christmas the past 10 years he said: "I will try to make it extra special for you" ... that's my guy,lol- he's gonna spoil me ! What to pack, Kyra? I'm easy going and try to fly as light as possible again. June is a warm month in North Carolina, he told me. Jeans, leggings, t-shirts maybe one of gypsy skirts , boots , a pair of normal comfy shoes and not to forget something suitable for walking along the the river there. That's one of the things we've been planning. We both love walking in the woods and nature full stop.We have made more plans-but that has time for another post. For now I'm off to bed to catch some beauty sleep after my night shift -another one to go ! So till next time
Hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

Enjoy your visit with Reggie. I don't know about the leggings and boots. It's not just warm in June and July, it's HOT HOT HOT! You might want to think about shorts and tee shirts and flip flops. Just a thought. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.