Sunday, August 05, 2012

2 Awards ...Thank you :)

Hi all, just a quick post to say thank you for the two awards I got. One was passed on from Kyra and another from Edna.
Both come with questions to answer, guess we bloggers are a nosey lot,lol.

Favourite colour-I love black , but also other colours- it just depends on what mood I am in
Favourite animal- I can't really say I have a favourite one, but I have always been drawn to Ravens and Wolves
Favourite number-when it comes to those on bank notes , the higher the better,lol
Favourite drink- oh Goddess, yes-I admit I am a coffee addict ...and diet coke, plus I have a thing for a nice cool Guinnes from time to time
Facebook or Twitter- Facebook.....that''s where I have very close friends and family , plus I love getting messages there from Reggie when he has time to pop in from work on his phone
Good book or movie? both, only said yesterday to Reggie that we will have to go and watch the Hobbit in December, and the Lord of Rings books are great as well.
My passion- my creativity and hobbies,and of cause that amazing man I am so lucky to have in my life
Giving or getting gifts? both....I love giving gifts and surprising others , but I also love being surprised
Favourite day- Days off work,lol...and days I get to see and talk with Reggie
Favourite flower- there are so many  , but I'm a romantic and really love roses ....orchids are another ...
..okay , and Kyra wants to know these:
 Name 5 of your most fabulous moments, either in real life of in blogsphere.
1)the moment I held my son Shaun for the first time
2)doing the ECDL Computer license and passing it with fantastic results (better than some of the locals here, and English isn't even my first language,lol)
3)not wanting to be mean in any way, but the moment I held the Divorce papers in my hands was great.... you probably cannot imagine the relief and feeling of freedom after years of being unhappy
4)two recent dates /months....Aug 2011 and February 14th....when Reggie appeared in my life and Valentines Day, when he sent me the song he wrote and recorded himself, I'm one of the few he has shared that with and it means a lot to me, plus June 20th-meeting him in person the first time, the walks, June 26th at the Melting Pot, the moment we got out of the car at night and watched the stars .... I could go on,lol
 Name 5 things you love
-my laptop and Internet-keeps me in touch with those I love who are far away
-my cats
-Nature , there are so many beautiful spots on this world
-my really close friends and family, even if I don't see them often ...and of cause Reggie
-you know that feeling when you are really cosy and content ? That's it.... like just chilling on the bed while watching a movie, cuddled up with the person you love...unbeatable !
Name 5 things you hate (or dislike)
-seeing others suffer, including animals
I'm supposed to pass these on, but I'm not much of a blog reader anymore , I just don't have the time, so I leave that for others to do.
Here a few more layouts I have been busy with again.

 See ya -Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

You should make a printed album from these layouts, think it would become a wonderful album to look in too.
Lol, I have the same with awards I receive, it's so nice people think of you but it sometimes is a hell of a job to answer the questions and pass the awards on.
Have a great day, sweetie,