Tuesday, August 07, 2012

More layouts and continueing being creative

Good morning....well, for me it is ....I just got up after coming from night shift this morning. I made some more layouts and even came up with some new designs while doing that.....a new kit? Could well be ....we will see where the inspiration will take me. I'm off work on rota break a few days now so I will have some time to play in my graphic programs and hopefully do some other art and craft stuff. I should have plenty of time tonight as well, Reggie will be at tournament so I'll definitely have time.
These are the new layouts

Oh yes, and I did a traditional scrap page as well . I wanted something where I could attach the red roses which have dried nicely and maybe something else from my little collection.So this is the result....I plan to get a scrap page frame for it , a normal one won't fit as this has quite a dimension to it with the rose and the little sweet from the restaurant attached to it.
I have taken up belly dance again. Datura does on line classes, so I can fit that into my schedule whenever I want.I have lost the extra pounds I put on in the USA ,that was quite easy. Now the scales are stuck again, so I will have to work harder to shift some more. That work-out seat is doing some good.Even though I have not lost more,the aching muscles are worth seeing myself getting more toned up ...patience Snowy... it won't happen over night, specially not with an under active thyroid,PCOS and now having hormone changes due to starting menopause. But I will get there in the end! I leave you with a pice of music which has become one of my favourites, I love the lyrics and her performance was outstanding. This is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest this year-Sweden's entry.
I can so see myself to use this song for a belly dance choreography...

That's all again for now.... I'll be back when I can get some more done. Thursday night is the first Pats game....and I'm off work, so I will definitely be watching ! Go Pats,lol.
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

You're ceative as ever!
The winner of the Eurovision contest wasn a good song, but not the winner for me. All has to do with taste, I suppose.
Okay, a few days off, great, enjoy them, wis Reggie luck with his tournament.

Edna B said...

I have to agree, not my sort of music, but to each his own. I like your nature photos. Can you imagine living in the middle of a big city and not having all of nature's beauties around you? Not for me. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.