Friday, August 03, 2012

More layouts...

Hi again,
I'm too tired to get all my craft stuff out, but working on the laptop in my little bit of spare time is another matter. I managed to get a few more layouts done.
Vacation feeling is definitely over for both of us , I have managed to get some overtime for the next couple of months, and Reggie is so busy and stressed out that he mostly goes to bed after work and I barely see him. I'm a little bit sad about about it,but that's okay, I understand how worn out he is after getting up each morning around 4.30 am and working so many hours each week.I'm dead tired myself after only two early shifts and getting up at 4.30 am, and he does that 6 days in a row, and I have known him to even work the Sunday and another week straight through without a break.
Yesterday was Lughnassadh , but with working the early shift I did not have much time to celebrate this Pagan day. However ,I did a little bit in the evening, before talking to Reggie for a very short time before I told him to go to bed, because I could literally see how worn out he was. It really makes me value every single minute I can get with him.

lol, Kyra writes: You'll have lovely layouts to remember your trip. Brrrr, I could do without the snake LOL!
Ha. now you are going to love day shifts, because the evening is for Reggie, LOL.
How a person can change her mind, hey???
Have a wonderful day!
For me it was wonderful to see that snake out in the wild,.We don't get those here and I have to go to a zoo to see seeing one in it's natural habitat was special for me. Plus they are really quite beautiful if you look at the pattern and colours. But then I'm just a nature freak anyway and can find beauty everywhere outside. Even in the wings of a dragonfly.Oh , and the post on your blog about the toads made me laugh... "doing some sexy thing LOL and yesterday I saw a tiny little new born!" ...let them have their fun as well,lol.
Here some more layouts.On this first one I applied a "soft focus" to the picture and made it slightly trasparent to get this effect.Then I erased the edge of the pic with a high transparent eraser.
I prefer the pics without frames in the moment for these layouts, but to create this frame effect I cropped a section out of the picture and added it as a new layer.... I like the dimensional   effect it gives to the layout.

I cropped the photo three times in the next layout, just to make clear how large that rock I am sitting on actually is.Reggie took the pic from above to get this perspective.

And Reggie is as much a nature freak as I am, he also loves being by the water. It's nice to have that in common with him. A lot of people wouldn't even pay attention to these little creatures in the woods or by the river , we actually look out for them.
These are just the picture pages, I will make another page to each one, which tells a little bout the pics shown.
Anyway, its late and time for bed...late shifts and then nights for the next days ....and I have more folders to upload for the next freebie part soon.
Nite nite....
hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

I'm not crazy about the snakes either, but I agree they really are quite beautiful in their own way. I leave them alone, and they leave me alone. I, too, also love being at peace with nature. If I ever get to live in another house, I would hope it would be near water and woods. (right now I have my own forest). I'm at work now, so gotta get busy here. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.