Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last NC layouts and preview teasers of new designs

Good morning...... I will go to bed in a little while , have come off my second night shift this morning...another one to go !
My head has been buzzing with new design ideas the past couple of days. I just read an article in , now I know why." The New Moon in Leo on Aug. 17 will give us a great big creative boost, as well as the patience and persistence we need to put all our great ideas into motion."...the full article is here:
Answering comments...Kyra writes : That sucks, hey, when you stay up late to watch a football game and it ends in a disappointing match!Now you definitely have to catch some sleep before going into another night shift.Hey, you even started a new kit? Great!Is Reggie cooking well, by the way?Hugs Kyra
Yes, it was a little disappointing but it's only the pre-season and I guess the guys need to warm up first. The Pats game started equally slow and they didn't score many points. I'm hoping for better games in the coming weeks and months. As for Reggie's cooking... Yes, he can cook well, that pork he did was literally melting in my mouth ....rrrrrr....I'm purring and drooling just thinking of it.
Edna says:  Your scrap layouts are coming along nicely. I wonder, can't you install your poser program on your laptop? I'm so glad I got rid of Vista. At least now I can use all of my programs. Hugs Edna
My laptop is 7 years old and has not got enough space on it for this huge program together with the other two graphic programs.To state a fact: I need a new laptop. This one is just too old to handle it. But Reggie had a good idea.He said if I can save up enough I could get a new one across there in the New Year. From what I know I could save around $200 -$300 buying it there instead of over here in UK. Not sure if I can save that much, but it will be Christmas and my birthday, and my parents usually send me some money .... so if I put that towards it... we'll see if I can get enough together.
Anyway, let's start the show !

 Yup, it was bloody hard, I'm not scared to admit that. But at least I have the next visit to look forward to ...18 weeks and counting.
Would you believe the new kit is ready and I already started yet another new one? As I said, I am full of ideas in the moment and it;'s best to make the most of it while it lasts. Here is the preview for "Sunny Autumn Days"
...and a little teaser from the other new kit I have started.A Halloween kit....and I don't want to use just the typical colours for that either. Everybody seems to do orange,violet,lime green etc ... I'm bored with that. Time for something a little different. I love that little owl in the trees on this page, and the swirls inside the moon to match the antique paper look of the background.Told you I had new ideas,lol.
But now it's beauty sleep time for this Witch freebie will be on the weekend ... till then . I leave you with a video of Amelia Lily,she left the Judges and Audiences wowed on X-FACTOR
Hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

I wonder, are your appliances (like a laptop) any different in the UK than they are here? If not, yes you can probably find a good bargain when you come back this winter.

I'm at work now, and the Mrs is calling. Gosh, today she is such a grump!! You have a good day, hugs, Edna B.