Thursday, August 09, 2012

Football and baking day

Morning peeps,
I have some more layouts with my designs to show this morning. Otherwise I have not been up to much.... the usual catching up with the odd cleaning jobs I don't find time for while working, grocery shopping and laundry...all the highly exciting stuff...NOT,lol. I went to see a Natural Health Practitioner at the Health Food Store yesterday. I'll be 45 beginning of next year and it's that time where my body starts changing and the "oh so famous" Menopause starts to make itself known. Hormone changes can cause all sort of symptoms and I like to know what goes on in my body, so I can help it not to be too affected  by all this. For some reason the first thing Doctors come up with is HRT ....I am so not having this ever if I can help it. For Puberty we get taught in schools already what to expect , for menopause we have to educate ourselves. I found a fantastic book which I can only recommend.
It really tells you what the Doctors do not mention. So if you are wondering why you feel a certain way , this explains it all....and gives you natural solutions.
Did you know that for example Japanese woman barely suffer from menopause symptoms? That's because their daily diet is naturally containing vitamins and minerals which help to keep their hormones balanced.
So by adding certain foods more into your life and changing your diet a little bit you can avoid a whole lot of hassle. Plus it gives you a list of herbs and how they help. End result of my consultation yesterday; I went home with a new tub of Evening Primrose Oil and a new herb called Agnus Castus which helps balance hormones and also combats the famous "hot flushes" ...I will see how it goes...not all herbs work the same for everybody, but there are other options if this is not working for me.
Thought it was worth mentioning, because I see too many woman battle with mood swings and even depression. Most of the time they don't even know why they feel that way, or how or what they can do to stop it. Hell, some even have no idea that it's the hormones and the beginning of the menopause that is causing the problems in the first place. Just because you still have your period regularly does not mean you are not menopausal.It can take years of "Pre-menopause " before.
Enough of that... here the layouts,lol
And in regards to Edna's comment: Can you imagine living in the middle of a big city and not having all of nature's beauties around you?
No, I can't imagine it. I hate even staying a weekend in London.I just don't feel comfortable in between all that concrete. One reason why I love the USA so much. The amount of space and nature there just appeals to me, I feel most at home when I'm surrounded by trees and water.Luckily I have the beach here.
Here some more little critters.

Today is baking day. I will head into the kitchen now and bake up some goodies and snacks's Football tonight ! Deb will be watching as well, Reggie at tournament , as he told me last night...his team plays on Monday, so of cause I will be watching that as well. The Saints won the opening game ...another team I like.
And these sinful creations are on my list
Blueberry muffins- Recipe at
and Peanut Butter Brownie cake
Plus I want to give these a try soon. They were so yummie at Texas Roadhouse !
Texas Road House Rolls, I'll let you know how it all worked out.
Till next post.
Hugs Snowy


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 5 post on Aug. 09, 2012. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Ty for sharing the natural menopause just be careful with the Agnus Castus..cos it can also be used to aid fertility....;-)lol

smiekeltje said...

Welcome to the women who have or had menopause LOL. I think I was lucky, not having too much trouble from it. Well, some"heat"explosions, but not too bad.LOL.
Hope you will travel it without too many uncommodities ROFL.
Yummie, your backing plans look good to me!
I ove to cook and experiment, but never got into the baking very well. Well, you can;t have it all hey?
Have a great evening wwatching the football!