Monday, August 13, 2012

Layouts gallore...

Good morning,
early shifts done , now it will be late shift, but then nights for the rest of the week.... I slept until 10 am this morning, which is a good thing , because I intend on watching the Raiders game tonight.
Doing all these nights sucks,because I won't be able to see and talk to Reggie on Skype , but has to be done.
I've been busy with the rest of the pics from NC , but I still want to do more journaling pages to tell about what was going on in the photos. But one thing at the time.Here some more layouts.As I said before, I use elements sparingly, I want the photos to be the main focus and stand out from the layouts.

Last count was 67 pages for this album, with more coming.
I fired up my old desktop last night to work in Poser a little bit, but Vista was driving me crazy ! I'm used to the smooth running of Windows7 on my laptop and going back to Vista last night was driving me nuts,lol. But I only have that program on the old computer so I have to suffer through it for the time being if I want to use it.
I ended up with some tubes and backgrounds which I ended up putting together for a picture on my laptop again. This one is for Reggie, who loves dragons almost more than I do.
And now it's time to get some work done in here before my late shift. Hugs and till next post again.

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