Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween :)

Good morning,
Just a quick post before I get my ass into gear and start some work in here. The sink looks like a colour explosion has taken place last night after make-up sessions and washing it off when we came back.
I have a few pics from last night.
Step 1 -make up ...managed to make a layout this morning

 Step 2- dressed
 ...and then out to the Harbour Inn...on the way through the wind I thought my false eyelashes would blow off !

Looks as if we're cooking up something evil there :)

 Cheers :) ...that's Count Nick (or Uncle Nick- our Mayor , Shaun's boss and friend of the family)
Okay.... today is the Fashion Show ...that means bath, pretty myself up and then out again tonight ... the fitting ??? Hmmm.... it was a laugh ! Besides the fact I'm being put into clothing which are so NOT ME ! One outfit I have to wear is a glittery sequin top .Pat eat your heart out ! (Pat is one one of the characters in a series here in England,and well known for this style of tops) I look like a Bingo lady ,lol.
But I will show some pics in my next post -until then .... I need to get on with stuff and beautify myself :)
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

You looked great!!! As Shaun did!!!!!!!
Good to see you had a lot of fun all together.
Happy cleaning, LOL.
And now completely the opposite this evening, the fahion stuff! Very curious about the "so not you"clothes you will wear ROFL!!!
Happy Weekend