Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend freebie parts again

Hey all :)
I'm off for my rota break and as always I'm keeping busy. Also had some great news from Reggie....they won the tournament !!! His team are the Champions of the darts League ...fantastic ! I had so hoped they would win this time after they made to to the semi finals while I was there in summer and then lost in the finals. Reggie has the mug he wanted so much ,lol.
Here is the winning team -all great guys , had so much fun meeting them and watching them play while I was there.

And of cause my personal Champion Reggie (wearing the birthday present I sent him-glad he likes it ). Tradition is that the very heavy trophy gets filled with beer and the winning team drinks it from the trophy....I think he's waiting in line here,lol.

That brings me to design news.... I did the Football Kit, a Hockey Kit, a Chess Kit ...... now it's time to create a Darts kit , and what you are seeing are the first pieces of it.
I'm waiting to be set up in the soon as that is done I can start uploading and open my store with all the new designs I have been creating.
Talking of creating ... I found a Monogram font the other day and wanted to do something with it. Here is the result. I printed the monogram to use as a template , transferred it onto thick cardboard and cut it out (which was a pain in the ass to do ,lol) Then glued it onto the base I had prepared.

I also created a Winter Door/Wall decoration with some letters and a snow garland from the £ Shop. Add some scrapbook paper for the cardboard base, some cotton wool , snowflakes, a bow.....and here you go ....

That not being enough I got crafty with a cereal box ...yup, you read that right ! Here is the tutorial on how to make a stationary organiser from a cereal box
And my result...perfect for the kitchen to store those coupons and money of vouchers , plus it actually matches my little chest in which I store my seeds

 But now the last of the freebie links for this kit
Enjoy-and another new kit next week
Until next post
Hugs Snowy :)


smiekeltje said...

Congrats to the dart champions!!
You've been busy again, love the organizer for the kitchen, as well as the box for your seeds!
Have a great weekend

Edna B said...

You've been quite busy! Your crafts look really nice. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving here. Today there are millions of crazy folks rushing out to shop shop shop. They've been at it since 8 o'clock last night.

I did my 'Black Friday" shopping on line and was ever so happy not to have to fight the crowds.

You must be getting so excited. You only have a couple more weeks before you fly. The weather is still pretty good here, and I hope it lasts for your visit.

Now I have to get a few things done here. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.