Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In full swing :)

Good morning ,
yup- I really am back in full swing, Edna and Kyra, thanks for your very nice comments....lol, it amuses me that others can see how I am in my designs ;)
In the meantime I have just finished another kit ! I won't be showing the full preview yet, but here are 2 more QPs as teasers ....

...and I was busy with some altered art again. I had one of these cheap plastic clipboards from the £ shop. I have been debating to throw it out , but ended up giving the thing a new look.
This is how it was before-cheap yellow plastic
...and after a bit of modpodge and decorating I am happy to display it on my desk.
Tonight is the time for the first night shift again ,after that batch I will be off a few to recover again....so let's see what I will do then,lol.
Catch you all later ;)
Hugs Snowy

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