Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Checking in again

Good morning,peeps :)
It's one of my days off work, so I thought I check in again.
I came off night shift yesterday morning and have been a busy bee since. First I went shopping to stock up the fridge again,when I came home and had all the stuff packed away I wasn't actually tired.So I carried on with the household chores to catch up and get things done which always have to wait while I'm on shift and don't have so much time.
After that a nice bubble bath to treat myself and relax , some mulled wine and a 2 hour nap before an evening with Reggie on Skype, and shooting some Mexicans in an old Mining town ...lol, no I'm not drunk , it's a game on line we played while chatting away :)
But that mulled wine I found is really a Goddess drink ...yummmm...
Hot and sweet , perfect to relax and warm up on a chilly evening !
I don't drink much alcohol, so a little bit is enough to get me into a rather good mood ...I'm such a light weight when it comes to drinks,lol.

I also got crafty again and made a new wreath for my door. Tinsel, a pearl garland from the Pound shop, bows I already had and half a pack of mini baubles from last year ...the total price £ 2.50 /approx $ 4.00 and a lot of fun

I got the last kits I was working on finished .....(just some more teasers)

...and started a new kit straight away with New year theme.
It's so nice to know I got all my work done yesterday, so today and the rest of my time off I can concentrate on more designs , crafting and whatever I feel like doing at the time.
Today I will be in my kitchen a lot , I am planning on doing some baking - I still have another pumpkin to kill and a Pumpkin Cheesecake sounds like just the thing to do.
Tonight Reggie is home (his Tuesday Dart season is finished for the time being) and he'll give me a call as son as he's home after work and voting. I'll be nosey to see who will win .... my guess is that Obama will do another term-just a feeling I have, so we'll see if my guess is right or not.
But I have more to show . I have actually been making a layout each day in November. We have a thing going on Facebook where we write each day one thing we are thankful for. I didn't just write, I made it into layouts, one I already showed in my last post. So here are a few more , I'm keeping the rest for next post,lol.These are made with kits which will be published either for sale once I'm starting again or as freebies to come.

There will be a new freebie again on the weekend , but I might pop back in before to show what I have been up to. Until then -hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Love those daily layouts!
And your wreath is just such fun and looks wonderful!
I am still designing kits, but not doing any layouts, already for a long time.
I should pick up that too again, sigh!
Now I am a bit low in mood, because of Jan's situation. It effects me, of course, but also on the energy of doing things, just the normal householdchores and such. I hate myself for it LOL, but that's just me. Naturally I try to keep things going, but it's no fun at the moment.
For now there's not a big improvement going on with him, perhaps we are too unpatient, hmmmm, we'll give it another few days.
Sorry for rambling so much about the situation here, but as you can tell, I am not happy with it.grin
I too still have windows messenger, so perhaps I will find a moment to contact you, but don;t count too much on it. But never mind, one day that will come back again too.
Going to post now, and then have to go out for some shopping etc.
Have some wonderful free days!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

these are lovely and you really have a lot to be thankful for.