Saturday, November 03, 2012

Weekend Freebie parts again

Hey, I'm back.....and I survived the Fashion show !It was a successful chaos. 20 woman in a small overheated room with poor lighting , getting changed while the guys from the room next to us walk through to get on the cat walk. roflmao....some woman next to me standing there in bra and knickers screamed when one of guys walked through :) ... it was sweat breaking, stressful , absolute chaos ...but what a laugh ! One small mirror with 20 woman adjusting clothes and hair,Shaun almost tripped off the stage having to take off a sweater,Model Dave posing in the door in boxer shorts and a crowd of woman staring and cheering(we had models in their 60ies as well)-chaos in the back while everything went perfectly at the front. £330.00 were raised in a couple of hours (approx.$532.00) for Help for Heroes ....not sure how much was contributed to the bar , but Tracy even held on to her wine glass while getting changed and judging from Shaun's moan the next morning they must have had a good quantity of alcohol sales. The "Palmers dragons" trying to keep order ....a hilarious but successful night ,rofl :)
Sadly so far I have not come across any pics of myself yet. but I found Shaun and took some before and after the show.
 ughhh....I look like a bingo lady,lol
  Shaun however.... well, he scrubs up nice,lol.

In the next one he is talking to me...I'm just out of view.
But here are some  before and after show pics...
Full make-up, before the show....a rare picture ...and I was glad when I could wash it off again.
 Shaun is pointing at me ...."WATCH OUT-MOTHER WITH CAMERA !"
...soooo glad to be back in my own clothing !

Shaun and Dan at the bar

lol, Tracy had a bit to much wine ...but still not letting go of the glass :)
Anyway, enough photos !
I have been designing as well and almost got another kit ready a little teaser. I don't know about you, but for me Winter and cold weather is the time to get cosy, hot baths, pampering , hot chocolate, chilling out on the couch or bed watching movies when the whether is bad. I meditate and relax more than I do in summer.So I wanted a kit which still goes well for Winter pics , but also shows a kind of tranquillity and peace.

And now the links for the freebie kit  and a layout I made this morning

Regarding blog comments , here is one : eevee-lily said...
just wanted to say, I love your site : ) I am going to have a good look round and it is nice to see someone else in Uk !! I am in Cambridgeshire
love and light )0(
Lol, I'm only a little way away from you...the most easterly point -Lowestoft/Suffolk. But I have strong ties to the USA, which is why you will always see me incorporate their holidays as well. Oh, and I'm German....or rather a "Brit GerCan " as my best friend Deb in Florida calls me :)
Thanks for all your comments-so nice to see that my kit will find good use. And if you would like to show off your layouts made with any of my kits you can either send me a link or post on the Facebook page if you like. 
More freebies coming , have a nice weekend
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Shaun is really looking great. Real gentleman! Kind of stand in James Bond????
Can't wait to see a good picture of you!
I can imagine a bit the chaos backstage, but wasn;t it great fun? It really takes your mind off of other things, ROFL.
And nobody tripped on the catwalk????
Have a great weekend, with a lot of chilling after this event LOL!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanx for the additional Thanksgiving parts, you are so generous and kind to offer them for free. Lovely tranquility page too. Have a most lovely and relaxed weekend ahead! Thanx again for sharing! Hugs, Mat