Thursday, June 16, 2011

Energy !!!

Hi all, nope-no design updates today , I was far too busy for that,lol. I had hoped to catch a glimpse of the eclipse last night , but it took place far too early in the evening where I live. The sun wasn't down and it was bright daylight and we also had some clouds about in the sky. But the full moon later in the night was beautiful. And the energy just amazing. Most in our little group at the Wiccan Connection made the most of it. Crystals and salt recharged, rituals and most of said they could feel the energy. Nikki even said she has a full moon overdose , Jaedyn is feeling it strongly and I have been buzzing all day. Just a shame I couldn't take pictures of the Eclipse ,I would have loved that. But I took some other pics -this is full moon mood and preparation.
Bucket of fresh salt , I had run out last week -so the new supply had to be charged as well.
 Some of the crystals already unpacked for charging, the rest is still packed in bags, next to my Rosemary plant.
Candles on altar , everything being cleansed and smudged.
..And more candles front of one of my designed pictures which I printed out a long time ago for my bedroom.
Today I was using the energy inside here.It's raining and I used the time to clean my windows (inside), wash the curtains, floors are mopped, beds changed, it's dusted I only need to get my salt and sage smudge and I have it all done. In between chatting on Facebook-Julie is happy that the Bruins won, Scott wants me come to Maine to clean his house as well,I made a few new friends-Talisien in Texas and David in Ohio.  Tomorrow I will be meeting up with a young Witch in training. She joined the group a couple of weeks ago and lies here in the same town. So we'll meet up at our local Spritual/Wiccan Store and go browsing through the goodies together.And that's all from me now again. I will have to prepare dinner soon. Teriyaki Chicken ....yummieeee... Hugs Raven :)

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