Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The finishing touches

Hi and good morning, I can't believe I was awake before 7.00 am on a day off when I can sleep longer,lol. But it gave me time to be creative already and do some last things for the Disco Lights kit. And I had to clean up my tattoo and put some fresh healing cream on it. Yup- I finally had it done yesterday. It took Ron almost 2 hours to do and there where some fine bits to do like the pentacle on sword hilt. This is the first step - just the outlines. Quality of the pic isn't too good as it's just a mobile phone photo.
 And at the end before we wrapped my arm up , the finished tattoo. You can see how red and sore it is there ,lol.
It will look completely different in a few days once it had time to heal and colours will show properly. They are mixed up with blood in the moment still.
Well, after all that I thought I deserved a treat.Toffee Apple Cider - a drink for a Goddess ! That stuff is so yummiee !!! And it made me sleep well,lol.
Shaun brought it home a couple of days ago, but I kept it in the fridge until I was off work.
This morning I made the main preview for the kit, now I still have to make the detailed ones and then it can go in the Store. This is the main one- there are too many elements in the kit to fit them all onto the preview.
And now it's time to tidy up here. Tonight is full moon and we have a total Eclipse , I plan to be out for that and watch. That is if the weather holds and we have no cloud cover. In the moment it's lovely and sunny -let's hope it stays that way ! I need to get new salt and will have to charge it , and my crystals as well during the full moon tonight. So that's me off again for now ...keeping busy as always. I already have the music on to get me motivated,lol. I'll be swinging my butt to Jennifer Lopez new song "I'm into you"
Hugs Raven

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smiekeltje said...

That's a BIG tattoo! OMG!! You know I am not so keen on tattoos, but if you're happy with it, so am I LOL!!
And I think you were right you deserved a treat after this!
Swing along girl!