Friday, June 03, 2011

Night shift :(

Hello from the Land of Dreams..... or Nightmares??? Not too sure because some inconsiderate person out there decided to beep his horn repeatedly and woke me up. Notice I wrote  "  person  " even though my first choice of words was "  asshole  " ...just being honest,lol. And I was late in bed this morning as well. When I finished my shift at 7 am this morning I got on my bike and went to ASDA (our name for Walmart)first ,got shopping done(including a bar of Hersheys, a pair of new harem style trousers which are so comfy and in fashion, two new vest tops for this warm weather)-hey, I'm definitely treating myself,lol- packed saddlebags, then cycled home, woke Shaun and made him coffee and sat down a bit to wind down after that. Only to be woken up too early by this noisy........ !  No I have not got anything for scrapping designed, but I have the design for my Tattoo extension ready. Now let's see when Ron has time to ink and torture me. He already said this will roughly be a 3 hour session. 3 hours of being inked , and this time it will go further up and down the arm onto the more painful areas.... lol, the things we do for something we love.Anyway , I have just come on to show the design, then I will do some work here and hope the coffee kicks in. This it it-my future tattoo.
I already have the heart  and large E, the rest will be new. Anyway, I'm off- one last night shift , then tomorrow a bit of sleep and the weather is supposed to be nice , so it's flip flops and beach time. Have a great weekend :)
Hugs Raven

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Edna B said...

Your tattoo design is looking good. What are the letters on it? You are brave, my girl. I do not have the courage to get me a tattoo, but I enjoy looking at them.

You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.