Monday, June 13, 2011

Soaked !

Hello, -what a weather last night ! Strong winds and it was pouring buckets of water from the sky ! Yes, you got it - I was out in it on my way to work. Thanks to Andi, our Manager ,I was well prepared though. He made sure we were given waterproof  fluorescent jackets  and I actually got my wellies out. So it wasn't too bad. This morning it's still looks grey and rainy , but at least it wasn't raining on my way home and I arrived back dry. Got more overtime coming up with an extra shift covering somebodies leave as well.
Lol, I must have looked a picture last night when I arrived .... not very fashionable , but who gives a damn. At least it kept me reasonably dry.
And I did more for the new kit as well. Here is yet another quickpage with new designs.
Here is a tune which puts me into Dance mode ,lol.And I'm off to get my beauty sleep now-one more night shift to do !. Nite nite -Hugs Snowy

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