Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still alive and kickin'

Good morning everybody,
I'm still around, just doing other things in the moment besides working a lot of hours. It would normally be another day off for me today ,but I am going in for some more overtime. Snowy needs money for her Driving License and other things,lol.
I have not designed anything since I completed the last kit "Disco lights" , in the moment I am reading a lot. During the time when I couldn't afford much I missed out on new releases of books which I collect, like the Anita Blake or Merry Gentry series. So now I am slowly catching up and ordered some via Amazon. So instead of playing on the PC I tend to go to bed early and read.
And I found my dress for Christine's Wedding in August. Lol, I took some pics in the changing room with my phone.
Plus matching Hairband ....
Almost 8.00 am , I have already done the floors and had breakfast. Now I will grab a shower, get ready and catch some sun before I have to go to work again. Till next time -Hugs Raven


smiekeltje said...

Hello girl!!!
You seem to have a great time, although you have terrible long working times! But yeah, some extra money is always welcome, LOL!
As you don;t do too much designing at the moment, I have energy back again to do a lot of that. LOL. Still I am not always spending all my time at the computer, as before.
I think you have chosen a lovely dress for the wedding. Now crossing fingers for you and of course Christine that the weather will be sunny and with good temperature! It makes a wedding day extra joyous!
Every week I am improving a little bit on , the weight not yet as it should be, but at least I am not loosing anmore. So that will come right one day too. Allready glad I am sleeping better, makes a big difference on how you feel during the day!
Now you go on enjoying yourself, with chatting, reading, sometimes designing and all things you like to do, but hey, don;t be a TOO NAUGHTY GIRL ROFL, ROFL!!!!!

Edna B said...

What a lovely dress. When is the wedding? I'm hoping for some great weather for you. Snowy, who is that peeking under the door behind you? lol. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.