Saturday, June 11, 2011

And more Overtime coming up !

Hi again,
well, more overtime coming up. A colleague wants the 18/19 th off and needs cover for those shifts, so I will be doing 12 hour shifts on these days. I don't mind, it's nice to have some extra money ! That driving license is costing a fortune , so a little extra is very welcome. But I also handed in my own leave until end of the year. I had to make sure I have all the important days off when the Pats will be playing,lol. Let the Football season begin ! I am particularly interested to see Nate Solder play in the team -what a Giant of a man ! I wouldn't want to tackle him ! The whole group on FB is looking forward for the season to start, we're going to have some nice Football nights again ,and the status updates are always quite funny depending how the game goes.
Anyway , I carried on with the new kit. I had an evening where the designs just took shape on it's own. So here is a first quickpage with new stuff .
I put some transparent light beams over the frame on purpose , it makes for an interesting overlay effect on the photo.
Otherwise it's really quiet in the moment apart from working and keeping this place and the cats in order I don't find the time for much else. Roy is at Download Festival , so I'm looking forward to seeing some photos when he comes back. Knowing him he needs to recover from the long weekend first,lol. Summer Solstice is fast approaching .This year I won't be able to do much for the day as I'm working. We are still short staffed so there was no chance getting time off for this month.OK , time to finish my coffee and get busy again , so have a nice day .Here's some wake-up music

Hugs Raven

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