Tuesday, June 14, 2011

...and more designs done...

...hey ,I'm good,lol- the designs for this kit just keep coming in the moment. ...Good morning, or rather afternoon. I already had my beauty sleep after coming home from Night shift this morning. Now I'm sitting here waiting for the coffee to kick in while I have been playing a bit more. At  5.00pm I need to be at Ron's , I'm finally getting my tattoo extension done, after we had to postpone it last week as Ron was not well.
So I show you some of the new stuff now before I get ready. What would be a Nightclub without a bar? So I had to create some elements for that as well to go with the kit.
I am impressed with myself how this kit is turning out. Guess my love for Clubs and dancing is showing,lol. I just love the lights and the atmosphere .... and the loud music as well !
Anyway , I have waffled enough -I leave you with another Dance floor tune. Have a lovely day -Hugs Raven
Jason Derulo - Don't wanna go home

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