Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sales and Wilderness !

whoopeee.... I stopped in town on my way back home from work today because my favourite shop started the Summer Sale today. And I was lucky ! Came away with a bag of nice clothes worth almost £ 70.00 for only £ 20.00. As I was told by our "Bride-zilla" after she saw my pic in the cream coloured dress to wear more lighter and brighter colours instead of so much black I chose this today...well , there is a bit more,lol.
And what the hell happened to the small herbs I had in my kitchen?Despite cutting down regularly I now have a Wilderness on my windowsill.
 It's a nice little storm here with Thunder and rain , but needed !It was so hot and humid the past days , so hopefully this will clear the air a bit and cool it down .
I have a few more new pics, but will leave those for another day. Gotta have at least something to show while I'm not designing. So for now hugs and till next time

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smiekeltje said...

The new outfit is LOVELY! And "Bride-zilla" is right, you should wear these kind of colours too!
LOL. your herbs are growing so well BECAUSE you cut them down regularly! But you can always cut some more, cut them fine and put them in little storage boxes in the freezer. Then you always have some almost fresh herbs at hand. I try to collect the smaller packages for e.g. herb-butter, of sauces, or whatever and they come in very handy, store easily in a freezer and don;t take too much space.
Have fun and a great day