Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maine Meeting Plans getting bigger

Hi all,
the plans for our meeting next year are getting better and better. Whoop whoop -now Lori and Jeff are coming as well, and they will have their hand fasting ceremony there. So we have a Pagan Wedding as well ! Plus Jillian and Dave will be coming over from Oklahoma with Ricky and Co  as well. Ricky as our "Father" or Coven /Group leader will be doing the hand fasting. Needless to say Lori is browsing the websites for her Dress,lol.
Plus Pixie and Jesse ,Nikki and her fellow, Eddy hopefully making it from Canada and myself that's 12 people so far .Planning is still in early stages and there is a year left , so I wouldn't be surprised if more will say they want to come to the meeting. Ok, we need 2 houses or Condos , furnished , each with 3 bedrooms ....preferably 2 bathrooms,lol. With 3 girls and 3 guys in each it could otherwise take a while .... cooking will be fun as well for such a big group, I can imagine. Luckily the guys seem to be all "house trained" so hopefully us girls won't have to do all of it on our own,lol. I guess you can read between the lines and see from my enthusiasm how much I am looking forward to this ! Visit to Salem and Witches Ball with a big group of fantastic friends:)
I'm sorting out more things today which I no longer need , 2 big bags full already. I have replaced older photos with new ones I printed last night and Erik 's pics are now in a box together with his letters cards and other bits and bobs he sent me. As much as I loved him and am still grateful to him for being there for me just at the right time when I needed him , I don't want to be reminded of what happened every day.
My Christmas gift box is getting fuller and last night I made the first Christmas cards for this year. Here is the Crafters mess,lol
For today its enough sorted out, I will cook dinner , time for meditation, then have a little nap and tonight go to see a band playing a the local pub.
Hugs Snowy :)

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Edna B said...

Your crafts and cards are coming along quite nicely. I think your bamboo plant is gorgeous! Your trip to Maine is sounding quite exciting. I think you'll love your trip to Salem. It's a beautiful little town. I'm off now to take Tootsie outside for a while. You have a great weekend. Hugs, Edna B.