Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another quick check in before bed time

Hi all, finished another night shift ....hooray ! The wind has picked up this morning , I loved the weather so much that I didn't go home straight away but decided to go for a walk and take some pics. I'm working on a Halloween/Samhain kit and these will be perfect for that. Here are some shots from this morning.
There are some amazingly beautiful grave stones around, the older -the better !
For me this is not just a gravestone, but this is actually art.
I know -guess some people find it strange that I enjoy a walk over an old cemetery. I will have to work a bit on the pics, they were only taken with my phone.And now I'm off to bed, Eddy is still signed in after chatting with me during the night , hahahaha...guess he's fallen asleep with his laptop on again.Just wait till I get him later , I have to tease him about this ! He's getting old,lol. Anyway, I'm off before the same happens to me -hugs Snowy 

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smiekeltje said...

It can be very relaxing, to walk over an old cemetery. There are sometimes really works of art of gravestones. And I like then also to read the text engraved on them.
Still a bit of time till it is Halloween, but I am also collecting some new stuff for a kit LOL.
Have a good sleep and rest!