Thursday, September 01, 2011

More Wedding pics

Good morning,
here are a few more pics from the wedding, this time I picked some funny ones ,lol.
That middle finger was meant for Roy who shot this photo !
I don't think I need to comment on this one. That's Sarah's hubby, Sarah in red, Diane and hubby Ron -my Tattoist,Crispy and his wife Nat. She will be trained up to be the new girl at work soon- fits well into the team ! As crazy as we all are ;)
And ...oh my Goddess, what was I doing there? Looks as if I was starting to sing ? You can see a bit more of my dress there, it's an empire style. Somehow manages to make you look pregnant but damn comfortable,lol. The little black velvet shrug came off later in the night when I got too hot from dancing.
Roy gave me a disc with his pics yesterday -over 350 ! He asked me to upload  them for him , it only took me 2 hours.
Today is recovery day, 3 night shifts means catch up on some sleep,go shopping and fill up the fridge, tidy up and clean and finally carry on a bit with those sofa covers. I am an idiot and have to undo the last one as I stitched the wrong side shut. That happens when you are tired and lacking concentration. In the moment I'm chilling on the sofa with my laptop in "Tinkerbell " pyjamas. Hey ho.... a Goth in white and pink Tinkerbell? Well, they are comfy and were cheap in the Sale...I kinda like them. I'm glad to hear everybody made through Irene safely.Some still have no power but are coping ok. Anyway- I'm off for now, leaving you with  song we danced to at the Wedding .....the Cha Cha Slide , it filled the dancefloor for a funny group dance -the Party hit !

Hugs Snowy

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