Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pirate is locked up ,lol

Roflmao, hi again-
I just had to post after reading Kyra's last comment. Yes - the Captain Morgan is loccked up for 6 days ! Come day 7 it will come out again because I have found a recipe I would love to try. Chocolate melted in fresh cream with a generous shot of rum....does that sound yummie, or what? Sort of like Baileys Irish cream , but with choc/rum flavour.
Yes, certain people were very amused about me being tipsy ,apparently I'm very funny.
Regarding the pic with the Robin- a lot of my friends were amazed as our Robin here looks so different than the one they have over in USA and Canada. One said ours looks really like ones you see on the old fashioned Christmas cards,lol.
Anyway, not much to show. I tightened up some seams and stitched on some more Velcro to the sofa cushions to keep them in place, I baked bread , I went outside for some air and sunshine before it disappeared again and got myself some new crystals again. The bottom one is called Rainforest Rhyolite and the top is Epidote Amphilobite
The unusual patterns in lovely, protective Rainforest Rhyolite, is where this stone gets its power to heal. Associated with the Heart Chakra, Rainforest Rhyolite is thought to help people deal with past-life issues, by helping one to see the relationship between karma and what is happening now, making these issues much easier to accept and work though. Rainforest Rhyolite will assist one in the laying down of burdens which no longer act to serve in ones life. Using Rainforest Rhyolite may help with healing old and deep emotional wounds in this lifetime as well.

A balancing stone, Rainforest Rhyolite is recommended for help with issues of self-esteem and emotional strength. Rainforest Rhyolite aids in finding your expression in the wake of problems and anxieties. Rainforest Rhyolite helps to stimulate insight into solutions and alternatives.

Epidote will enhance the energy of whatever it touches, including other stones. Epidote increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings, and brings spiritual growth. Epidote is a great stone for releasing negativity and raising one's vibrational energy. It is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or other negative thinking pattern. Epidote can inject a sense of hopeful optimism into one's emotional body, helping to bring the mind into a higher vibration. Crystal healers like to work with Epidote for its ability to clear congestion and energy blockages in the physical and subtle bodies. Epidote will help to balance and stabilize the energy flow in the body. Epidote is also used to help dissipate tumors by releasing stagnant energies in the area.
Epidote is an excellent stone for attunement with nature and her healing qualities. It puts forth a simple, calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration, which is particularly good for those living in a high energy, city setting.
Epidote opens those who have refused their spiritual growth.It clears the emotional body aura and cleanses old repressed emotions once and for all.Those drawn to this stone are being shaken into spiritual awakening.
This beauty is a Desert Rose/Selenite

A Desert Rose is a naturally occurring formation of selenite gypsum as found in Morroco. These crystals form perfectly in the desert sand from wind and sand erosion near selenite gypsum deposits. They make for lovely home decorations.
Selenite Meaning
The Rejuvenator, helps with relief of stress and enhances will power. Tissue repair, and fast pain relief. Can be used on auric arcs too to clear and cut in a ritual, releasing one form the connections to people or events past.
Magical Use -Meditation, clarity of the mind, physical energy, opening and clearing of the upper chakras.
Healing Use -Fertility, sex drive, skin, regeneration of tissues and muscular flexibility.
And the little one
Variscite-also called the Shaman's stone
Inner Peace, Compassion and Love
The frequency of Variscite connects to the heart chakra. It opens and activates the heart chakra so that one is able to have compassion and radiate love. It allows one to be accepting and non judgmental of oneself and others, and to just "be".
The energy of Variscite supports, strengthens and stabilizes one's emotions so that one is able to acknowledge and release deeply help emotional patterns no longer serving one. Thus allowing for healing to take place on an emotional level, which in turn brings an inner peace and harmony to one's being.
The frequency of the purple variety of Variscite connects to the crown chakra allowing one to consciously align with one's soul, opening the channel to bring the frequency of Universal love to the whole of one's energy fields.

I am finding more and more unusual and rare Crystals , I think I have all the more common ones and am now drawn to some of the more exotic ones. 
I have finished my first self made Christmas present and bought another 2 little gifts, so I am well on my way to get everything together in time. 
I most likely won't be posting regular the next days while working , only if  I find the time to actually do something worth showing. And now I'm off to bed after I just had a bath and am nice and clean now... well my body is , not too sure about my mind, hehe 
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Sure Capt. Moragan is locked up well????? ROFL!
Hmmm, that recipe for the chocolate with rum sounds good. Pity I don;t drink alcohol at all.
Should be great stuff for the winter days!
Happy working time