Saturday, September 03, 2011

Catch up time

Hi all,
as usual after a batch of shifts I have been busy to catch up with work in here again. I have uploaded the new kit but had no time yet to actually put in into the store and set up the price codes on Pay pal. The dates for my next USA trip are set ! Its going to be October next year again.I would have liked to go earlier but as we are meeting up in a group with Pixie and Jesse coming from Indie, Ricky & Co from Oklahoma and possibly even Eddy from Canada we all have to save up and wanted to pick a time that enables us to do some things together. Scott is hosting the annual Witches Ball every year and we decided we are all going to the Ball ! So it will be a big meeting up with Nikki and BF ,who live close anyway  and we are looking to rent a Condo or Apartment with more than one bedroom, live together and share the price.My journey will start in Plymouth though with a visit to Julie Dyke-Cowden and from there I will slowly work my way through. Guess I will also have a stop in Easton and maybe Randolph ..... ??? It didn't work out last time to see Edna , so maybe this next time,lol.
Our communal stairwell has finally been treated for fleas as well , there was a strong smell of the spray around yesterday. I am glad, because that means now I don't have to worry about the little pests coming into my flat from there anymore. I was still being bitten every time I had to go into the basement to get out my bike.
The sofa project is slowly progressing as well, All cushions are done , I just have to put some poppers and Velcro at the backs to keep them in place and do the main cover underneath the cushions. And I think I will need some more fabric as well.
I have a new addiction,lol. I spend quite a bit of time on Pininterest, a site for design and crafts. There is everything from sewing , crotchet, knitting, cooking and baking , -and lots more. Not only do you get detailed recipes and instructions , but also a lot of inspiration. Like this little project I made last night. It's standing on a miniature easel for display and is just too cute.
And I just had to take a picture of my windowsill peppers before harvesting them -damn they are hot ! Kyra, you can see one of the presents you sent me for x-mas last year in the background ,lol.
I will start my x-mas projects as son as the sofa is ready and make up little gifts for my friends to send. Last year wasn't much of a x-mas for us , not only the events but also financially as well. So this year it will be better again.
And would you believe I have another kit ready? Well, the Wedding kit comes out first, so this other new one will be a total surprise , hehehehe.....but now I have to go, I have already done my housework, had a bath -all I have to do now is do my hair and then I will go out into town and get some more fabric to finish the sofa covers. and not to forget some more cat food !
Here is one more picture from the Wedding, I love this one of Shaun and myself. One of the funniest things at the Wedding was when I was asked if he is my boyfriend.... do I look that young or Shaun that old? I heard the expression toy boy, but hell....19 would be far too young if even if he would not be my son,lol ! Till next post-Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

I see the Christmaspresent in the background LOL! Your sofa is looking good already! Big job, but the result is great!
Lots of saving for you to do for next year October! I would be great if you could meet with all your friends there and good idea to share a house with several rooms, that cuts down the costs.
And what to say about the question concerning Shaun and you???? Probably the one who asked had already a bit too much to drink??? ROFL
But it alo could be Shaun looks a couple of years older than his age and you a coouple of years yonger, and may be then it's not a that strange question???????
Have a lovely Sunday!