Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Can a Witch be a Lightworker ,lol?

Apparently so.....hello from windy and rainy England.
We're having strong winds up to 35 mph , temperatures in the 50ies during the day, dropping lower at night and it looks like summer is over.
Back to my title, I told you a while ago I was learning more and making progress with psychic work. I also told before about my Warrior Spirit Guide. Well....I kept finding white feathers , the number sequences 22.22 and 2.22 kept coming up everywhere. Now if you look into numerology and meaning of numbers you find this:222 is confirmation of the ideas you had that are aligned with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. It is confirmation that your recent thoughts are on the right path and that you should take the next step.
And 2222:It signals a time of change on your path. It means a new beginning, a breath of fresh air. If you are seeing repeating numbers, consider yourself fortunate to have realized that you do. Let the numbers be your physical connection that the angels do indeed have messages for you if you are willing to listen and pay attention.
I keep getting more and more messages and was told I am a Light worker.So I will carry on with this , carry on to study healing , help my fellow Wiccans in the Wiccan connection and learn more. 
So now I am not only working with the Wiccan Gods/Goddesses and Deities , but also Angels and Archangels-what a turn-around,lol .If somebody would have told me that 2 years ago I would have said "you're nuts". Currently I'm studying material from Doreen Virtue , my intuition and empathy keeps getting stronger and I am strongly influenced by Native Shamanic material as well.
Anyway.....the leaves are starting to change colour, this little tree is getting a distinctive red tint on its leaves now.
And the Hops is ripe-anybody fancy brewing?
There are plenty of  acorns and chestnuts this year and the squirrels have already begun to get their Winter stash together.
I played a bit with the new kit I have been making after work , to relax, and this is one of the layouts.
 That's all for now though, I have dinner to cook and then some more housework, so till next post -Hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

Your new kit looks rather nice. I have never seen hops up close and personal like in your photo. I haven't noticed many leaves turning color here yet, but I'm sure they will soon.

I'm at work, so I need to get busy here. You have a good day, hugs, Edna B.