Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another teaser and Pic

I'm back again, its raining and still rather windy tonight, but we were lucky and had the sun come out during the day as well. I went to meet Shaun earlier and while standing/sitting there by a wall a little Robin came to have a look what we were doing. These birds are usually quite shy , but this one stayed with us for at least 20 minutes at the wall. Of cause I had to take a pic with my phone.
This was just about an arms length away.
And going into my book store I found this.
I had to look up the meaning/symbolism  of  the Robin and I quite liked what I found :Not only is the robin a promise of new beginnings with the new cycle of spring in our midst, it carries symbolic meanings of cheer, joviality and light-heartedness. "Live, love, laugh and be happy" and that is precisely what the symbolic meaning of the red robin tells us too.
I was also busy redecorating my altar last night , besides charging my crystals in the light of the full moon. 
I chose natural elements this time like chestnuts, acorns etc. I like how it turned out , it really has an autumn look now. 
In the background you can see the native American corn dolly I made out of corn husks. If you want to give it a go yourself you can find out how to do it here: http://www.snowwowl.com/naartcornhuskdolls2.html
Sam thought they make a great cat toy and started to attack it,lol.
Kyra , so glad I made you chuckle with my last post ,lol - now you see what I have to put up with here....men...hmphhh ! Is it a wonder that I don't like the local species? Well, most of them not,anyway. 
Now I will play a bit with my Animal Totem kit and later tonight I am giving a card reading to a friend and most likely chat with sexy Eddy again,lol. But before I go here is another quickpage. This one is made with one of my photo backgrounds. 
Tomorrow I plan on uploading the other kit and putting it into the Store. So I will have lots of previews to show plus the sampler-till then:) 
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Isn't it nice that sometimes we have a "meeting" with some of mother nature's creatures? Like you had with that brave robin.
And this little robin was posing so well for the picture. LOL.
I love the pic of Sam, playing with the puppet!