Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Captain Morgan's is evil, evil stuff ! -and new Kit previews

Good evening ...yeah, I'm running late again with posting. But I only got up around 12  as I had an late night, or rather early morning. We had a girls night last night....well to start with,lol.  Shaun bought a bottle of Rum , tried one bit and said " You can have it, Mum" ....hell, I haven't drunk rum in years ! But last night I got comfy on the computer with glass of Rum and Coke. Unfortunately it was far too tasty to be just one glass. Pixie joined in across in Indie with a bottle of Vodka , and  Deb made us all laugh with her comments. In between a slightly tipsy Card reading  and finally I carried my laptop up the stairs and carried on chatting in bed with Pixie and Lori. I hadn't calculated that the stuff needs more time to kick in , so another 20 minutes later I made Eddy laugh. Tipsy Snowy on the web cam ....oh shame,lol. I tell you , Captain Morgans is evil stuff !

But enough of that, lots of previews to show for the new kit! It's not quite in Store yet, I'm waiting for all the files to upload , but will be available some time later tonight. Here it is -Magical Seas
I have an affinity for Dolphins lately and wanted a kit that is quite calm with these amazing creatures.

And there will be a sampler as usual once I have uploaded that as well.More previews on Store page
For now I am waiting that the 9 !!! zip folders have uploaded, then the sampler next and I can announce it in the Store. In the meantime some more housework and cooking, plus I bought Velcro to stitch on to the back of the sofa cushions to hold them in place. Last day off tomorrow, so I want to get that done before I'm back to work on Friday.
Catch you all later,lol- hugs Snowy


Edna B said...

I love your little bird photo. Such a cutie! You've been really busy designing. I like the dolphins too. they are such a friendly, peaceful critter. You would just love Sea World.

Now it's time for me to start our supper. You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.

smiekeltje said...

He-ho! Walk the plank, lady!!!! ROFL.
Rum-Cola tastes nice but as you noticed it's pirate dangerous grin grin!
Might have been late before you got to sleep and because of that woke up late, but I think some of the rum had a part in it too. WHEEEEEEE!
Lovely kit, I too love dolphines, never saw them in real(apart from once or twice in a dolphinarium)and also have it with whales. Would love to see them in real and be able to touch them, that mighty animals.
Enjoy your last free day, better forget Captain Morgan hmmmmm??