Friday, September 30, 2011

Creativity again

Hi and good morning ,
I'm on a roll again ! I have the day to myself and don't start work till 11pm tonight , washing machine already going and the coffee has kicked in. I just wanted to show what I have been up to since I posted last. The creative juices have been flowing.
First of all I have finished two little projects-bookmarks for the Bookworm Witches -Cross stitch
I started this last year while I was in New England , now I got it out again and want to finally finish the project .
And another finished project is the Vintage Book box , this baby looks like a book standing up, but opens into a box.

Perfect size to store a deck of Oracle or Tarot cards in :)
The weather here is hot hot hot ! Summer has returned and I wish somebody would turn the heating off ! I like the sun , but it doesn't need to get that hot again -personally I am sick of it and the cooler weather suited me just fine. I'm just not someone who likes hot weather , I rather prefer sunny, but cool . So the fan here is running again. I suppose the one good thing about it is that we don't need to switch any heating on the longer it stays warm and save some pennies that way.
Some of my friends have been to Pagan Pride Day and came back with tons of gorgeous pictures and even video. The kids were enjoying themselves with art and craft activities like making masks and there were Belly Dancers and the girls climbed up onto the stage and danced with them. The pics and videos were fantastic ! So made me wish I could have been in Indi with them !
Apart from that its learning , meditating and listening ..... week 2 of my Spiritual Development Course is in full swing and I am getting better daily receiving messages from Spirit. We are encouraged to talk to our guides and it sometimes makes me laugh. Anybody not believing or knowing what's going on would think I'm schizophrenic , talking to the voices in my head !
The hart part in the moment is recognizing if its just your imagination or if I really just heard a voice telling me things. But considering I came up with things for a friend which she never told me and I could not have known, and I just prompted her ..... its amazing to say the least.
The biggest blockage is to put aside that tiny bit of self doubt which is still left. I have to journal about everything which comes into my head , even if I am not sure if its my imagination or not. Needless to say my notebook is filling up nicely and looking back over week one , the synchronicities and messages are getting clearer and more detailed slowly in week two.One of my friends is noticing the same progress , so we will keep going and learning.A good test is if you misplaced something and can't remember where the hell you put it. I literally ask my guides" can you help me find it?" and a moment later I get an answer where to look. Funny thing is I only checked there a few minutes ago and it wasn't there then ! So yeah, working with Spirit and my Guides is certainly an eye opener and very interesting.And this is only the beginning so I'm nosey what else they have in store for me.Anyway - that's it for now again. I want to get ready and go down into town to Craftmania , a new Craft shop here. As you can probably imagine, for me its like being in Aladdin's Cave with all the goodies there.
So hugs from here and till next post :)

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