Friday, September 23, 2011

Crafts and more pics

Good morning , I have finally recovered from my shifts and lack of sleep. Yesterday was a chill-out day, with just chatting , a glass of Honey mead , DVDs and a bit of crafting while watching True Blood. Before that in the afternoon we took some pics at the back of our house. Here is Shaun with his motorbike.
And there was an audience of the people from our house...Linda ,Samantha,etc and kids
Of cause I had to check on the comfort of it ..... I could get used to this,lol - biker babe, as Steve called me :) - oh yes, very sexy in cardigan and pigtails , because I was too lazy to do my hair being tired after night shifts,lol
And let me introduce you to "Bob" ...that's what Shaun called him, I call him dinner !
Needless to say Bob is gone, but something of him was left behind and found good use on one of my craft projects. I created a shell wreath with lots of my left over clam shells and some other bits and bobs. And Bob's claw made the perfect decoration on this.
Last pic for today: my lucky bamboo has grown double its size since I put it into a glass container filled with stones from the beach. Its perfect on my meditation altar in the living room.
And now its time to get ready for me again. Today I will get another tattoo and later tonight catch up with Eddy,Pixie and the others while carrying on with some of my various Christmas projects. The second present is almost ready !
Have a fab day -hugs Snowy

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